Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why use a Professional Real Estate Photographer?

Unfortunately, a lot of real estate agents take their own photos for use on the internet. With over 90% of buyers surfing the MLS listings before they decide which properties to visit, this is not the best way to market a property. 

Professional photography has the potential to make the biggest initial impact on a potential home buyer than anything else. Buyers linger on good photos, bad ones are quickly viewed or passed over altogether. A poorly photographed property sends a bad message when first impressions are everything.

While most professional real estate agents have terrific people skills helping guide their clients through the buying and selling process, they are not professional photographers. Even the best photos taken by the agent pale in comparison to ones that are taken professionally. They don't have the knowledge, experience, equipment, computer and software a pro shooter has. The right lens makes the biggest difference and you can't get one on a point-and-shoot style camera.

Poor photography can send the wrong message and immediately puts doubt in the viewers mind. "Is this one worth seeing?" Can you afford to have people pass over your listing because of inferior photos? High-quality photography shows the property in its best light. An experienced photographer knows the best angles and has the experience to make even smaller properties look amazing.

Traffic is a numbers game and high quality images will put you ahead of the pack. The more people visit a property, the faster it sells. The faster it sells, the less likely it will be necessary to drop the price to entice buyers. Beautiful, high-quality photography will increase traffic and the odds of getting the asking price or better. This is money in your pocket easily paying for the cost of a pro shoot. Considering the price of the property and the commission to be earned, professional photography is money well spent. 

Sending a pro to photograph your client's property says you really care and they appreciate that. When you show the world you are doing everything possible to market a property, people talk. Your seller will be impressed. Repeat and referral business is a huge part of many real estate agents business. Mediocre photos do nothing to further your professional image or marketing efforts. 

To be a top producer, there is no better way to look like one. Top Producers know the benefits of pro photos and use them on all their listings. They know they can't afford to look anything but their best. High-dollar properties demand the best photography and sellers expect this level of service. 

Professional photography has the potential to make the biggest impact on the property you are selling. High quality professional photography increases traffic to your listing and improves the odds of receiving the asking price or better. Pro photography enhances your image as a professional meaning more and better listings, referrals and repeat business in the future.

Stand out from the crowd and use professional photography!

Call me today to see how I can help you market your next property: 480-432-1181. Daytime photographic packages start at $125 and twilight/night photos start at $225. 

Thank you for spending a moment to look!

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