Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fall on the Salt River

I spent a couple hours on the Salt River at Water Users Park. It was almost Christmas and the Fall colors were finally going off. I'd been here several years ago and had wanted to return for quite a while. The conditions were perfect as a retreating winter storm had dropped rain the day before. 

Here's a shot from my first visit: Salt River at Bulldog Rock

The bend in the Salt River at the Bulldog Cliffs

Shot from a rock outcropping, this higher vantage point helped me get a better perspective on the bend in the river.

Fall on the Salt River

When the sun popped out, I was stunned at the beauty of the light on the Bulldog Cliffs. The stillwater reflections of the cliffs and clouds made for a serene and sublime sight.

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Late light on the Bulldog cliffs.

The sun put an orange glow on the rocks late in the day.

Green algae on the River

The water was very low and algae was growing in earnest along the banks. I saw plenty of evidence of wild horses in the area and I'd imagine this is what's for dinner.

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